Small Wedding Venues in Ireland

If you’re looking for small wedding venues in Ireland, you are spoiled for choice. From upscale hotels to ancient castles, there’s something charming to suit any wee group.

Table of Contents:

  1. How to Choose a Small Wedding Venue
  2. Castle Venues in Ireland
  3. Country Houses in Ireland
  4. How to Elope Abroad

How to Choose a Small Wedding Venue

If you’re eloping in Ireland, there’s a very good chance you won’t need a venue. But if you have more than a handful of guests, or you want a venue, there are a few things to consider when choosing one.

For starters, a lot of wedding venues have minimums, especially at the larger castles and hotels. This may change seasonally or by day of the week, so do confirm the specifics for your date.

Other details to take into account are proximity to other locations you’d like to visit, amenities, views (countryside or middle of town), and whether you’re required to use vendors on the venue’s list.

Small Wedding Venues in Ireland

You can find all sorts of small wedding venues in Ireland, but my two favourite types for eloping couples are castles and country or manor houses. A bit of history, a bit of drama, and views for days.

Castle Venues in Ireland

  1. Glin Castle: picturesque grounds overlooking the hills in County Clare with 15 en-suite bedrooms.
  2. Castlemartyr Resort: an elegant resort with 13th-century castle ruins.
  3. Cloughan Castle: located in County Galway with turrets, battlements, and exposed stone walls.
  4. [Secret Spot]: this rare find is exclusively for couples, not a giant castle. A true medieval getaway. This one I’m keeping to myself, just for my couples (:
  5. [Secret Spot 2]: a proper castle ruin, accessible only on private land via the landowner.

Country Houses in Ireland

  1. Kilshane House: charming house in Tipperary with an incredible conservatory.
  2. Airfield Estate: a cute working farm aiming to be a sustainable food hub.
  3. Clonalis House: beautiful house dating back to the early 1600s
  4. Barrow House: a waterfront property surrounded by beaches in County Kerry.
  5. Hilton Park: Georgian manor on 400 acres in county Monaghan.
  6. Horetown House: a private country house in Wexford.
  7. Martinstown House: built in the early 1800s and occupying a 140-acre estate in Kildare.
  8. The Library at Sheen Falls Lodge: a cozy, atmospheric option with a fireplace.

How to Elope Abroad

Eloping abroad isn’t difficult. Promise! Your two best starting points are the Ireland Elopement Guide and the “How to Visit Ireland as an American” guide.

After that, find an experienced photographer who’s familiar with Ireland! Not to toot my own horn or anything, but as someone with dual citizenship who spent every summer back home in Ireland growing up…I know my way around. And it’s legal for me to work there.

Hiring someone experienced for your elopement is important no matter where you’re eloping, but if you’re going abroad, it’s even more pressing. Whether you hire me or someone else, find someone who can navigate Ireland with some level of familiarity and who can confidently enter the country legally without getting their photo gear confiscated…

Contact me here, or book your free vibe check to see if we’re a good fit!

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