Queer. Houseplant enthusiast. Homebody. 98% tea.
And 0% here for anyone's shit.

Meet Your Elopement Photographer / Ride-Or-Die

Let's all get engaged

Queer. Houseplant enthusiast. Homebody. 98% tea.
And 0% here for anyone's shit.

Meet your elopement photographer / ride-or-die

Meet your elopement photographer /

Let's all get engaged

Even in the elopement world, there are pressures to look a certain way, act a certain way, hike the longest trail, do the "coolest thing." I don't want one more couple who doesn't fit neatly into boxes to feel pressure or discomfort when planning or experience your wedding day.

You deserve so much better.

You deserve to follow your inner compass in whichever direction it's pointing. Other people can't make that decision on your behalf--you and your partner get to decide.

I get it. I hear you. And I'm here for a lot more than just "accepting" you. 

Solar Rose was created because the wedding industry is a wee bit broken.

You, in all your uniqueness, should be celebrated.

We're going to make art together. Think photojournalism, but with an artist there to get creative with you. That being said, don't stress: I'm not into orchestrating fake moments or posing via super cheesy prompts, ok?

my style

“My wife and I had the most incredible elopement we could have ever imagined. We had an adventure we will remember for the rest of our lives because of them and could not be more thankful and happy."


I'm an Irish transplant living with my British partner, our three-legged dog, and a houseplant collection that we'll never admit is "getting out of control."

The house is covered in dog fur and books, and seriously, not joking about the plant situation. ...We're running out of surfaces and floor space.

I grew up watching BBC crime dramas and never really stopped.

Running around in the mountains makes me happy. Getting to share those adventures with eloping couples makes me the happiest.

Personality-wise, I'm a chill introvert who's soft on the inside and just wants everyone to have a nice time.

I'm the "B" in LGBTQ+; all love is love, and you are so so welcome here, my darlings xx

Your elopement photographer


Loose-leaf tea, alpine lakes, the Faroe Islands, books, painting, film photography, and standup paddleboards

Hi my loves, I'm Rachel (she/they)

1. Connection: I love getting to know my couples before their elopement for a few reasons: for starters, your elopement is about you, not about me. Familiarity makes everyone more comfortable and relaxed, and it helps me find your perfect locations.

2. Speaking of locations: I spend a staggering amount of time gathering a collection of places that will suit any type of elopement, any couple's preference. …It's a huge part of my job. I'm not just a photographer, I'm like your weird but fun aunt who lives in a cabin and knows how many trees are between here and that one rock they really like.

Working with me is more than just showing up and taking pretty photos. Everything leading up to your elopement is what makes the magic happen.

key parts of the process

I used to fly Home to Ireland every single year. And then it became every few years... And then the gap got wider, especially after The Situation that stopped us all from traveling.

But I'm back to my yearly visits to top up the Irish in my veins, and that is excellent news for you!

If you've been dreaming of eloping or honeymooning in Ireland (and why wouldn't you), I've got some very special elopement packages just for you. I'll be there anyway, so that means a lovely discount is available compared to my usual international travel fees.

I don't have unlimited time there, but if you're reading this, I've still got space in my 2023 and 2024 calendars for you!

And don't fret. If the idea of eloping internationally sounds overwhelming, I've got all the info you need. Click over to read more, or message me with all your questions!

Speaking of Ireland...

Elope in Ireland!
I'm ready!

Does all of that sound good to you?

What do you think?

If you're on board, I'm on board.
Message me to get on my calendar and start planning your dream elopement xx