Big wedding or elopement, no matter which way you decide to get married, there are Rules. Expectations of what you're going to do, how you're going to do it, what you'll look like, etc.

And when you're neurodivergent or super introverted, that doesn't work.

We don't fit neatly into the boxes laid out for us. 

The wedding industry is weird sometimes, right?

You should be able to get married differently. To have a wedding day that works for you.

About your pnw photographer + why I do what I do

You deserve to relax into your elopement day so completely that the mask comes off and you get to actually be who you are.

I get it. I hear you. And I’m here for a lot more than just “accepting” you.

I take the time to get to know you and your needs so I can create an elopement experience that fits your personality and preferences. 

You deserve to follow your inner compass in whichever direction it's pointing, even if it spins a little.

You're in the right place.

"Finding a photographer that we were comfortable with was a priority for us, and by the day of our ceremony, we felt like we had known Rachel for ages. They truly get to know you individually, and as a couple, so that they are prepared to capture the meaningful moments of your day."

- Caryn & Amanda

I have fond memories, but there’s an edge to them.

When I look back at our lovely photos, I can see in my face that parts of me were hidden away.

I was masking, performing. Because certain things were "expected" of me. Through most of my life, I'd often felt "unheard," not properly understood. When I got married, it was easier to just follow the script.

The options felt limited when my partner and I eloped.

Your wedding day is going to be different.

Everything leading up to your elopement is what makes the magic happen.

From getting to know you to focusing on the details, I'm in this for so much more than your elopement day itself. I'm here for you as your personal consultant for the whole process.

Working with me is more than just showing up and taking pretty photos

Key Parts of the process

“Rachel captures real people in real moments at amazing locations. Love, love, love them.”

- Sarah & Kayla

I’m an Irish immigrant living with my British husband (we eloped in 2018), our three-legged dog, and a houseplant collection that we’ll never admit is “getting out of control.” We live on a few acres in northern Washington; I’ve already picked out where the ducks are going to live.

I grew up watching BBC crime dramas, and now I read too many mystery novels.

The husband and I have a Lord of the Rings marathon every. single. year. The extended editions. 

Running around the mountains makes me happy. Getting to share those adventures with eloping couples makes me the happiest.

Personality-wise, I’m a chill introvert who’s soft on the inside and just wants everyone to have a nice time. I appreciate the little things and love a bit of whimsy.

I’m the B in LGBTQ+. All love is love, and you are so so very welcome here, my darlings xx

Your Elopement Photographer

Hello, I'm Rachel (they/them)

I pay attention to how you're doing throughout the day and will check in often to see if you need anything or want a break.

Picking up on Energy

Folks tell me I'm good at:

My goal is to be unobtrusive so you sometimes forget I'm there. This makes for some of my favourite images, the ones that look most like "you."

In-Between Moments

Elopements don't always go to plan...and that's ok! We'll always have a backup plan, and we'll roll with it smoothly.

Rolling With Changes

We’re going to make art together. Think photojournalism, but with an artist there to get creative with you. You don’t have to be a model–you get to enjoy your wedding day, and I’ll handle the images.

I’ll take care of everything. No fake moments and no cheesy prompts. Just real love, real joy, and posing that honours your relationship, boundaries, and comfort levels.

"We're going to make art together"

My photographic Style

— Me, to you

Ever since moving to the States, I've spent my summers back home in Ireland. Every year.

Things were disrupted there for a bit, but I’m back to my yearly visits whenever possible to top up the Irish in my veins, and that is excellent news for you!

If you’ve been dreaming of eloping or honeymooning in Ireland, I’ve got some very special photography packages just for you. I don’t have unlimited time in the Old Country, but if you’re reading this, I’ve still got space in my 2024 calendar for you!

If the idea of eloping internationally sounds overwhelming, don't fret: I’ve got all the info you need and a step-by-step process. It's much easier than you think.

Click below to read more, or message me with all your questions!

Did someone say Ireland?