Heritage Wedding Albums

Heritage Wedding Albums

Hold your memories close

I recognize the irony in trying to show you how incredible printed albums are via a digital website. (I am a long-suffering bibliophile.)

But I'm trying anyway, because these albums are worth it.. So much so that they deserve their very own home on the site, not just a footnote in an email.

Here you'll find all the info you need to know about the final part of the photography process: printing your images! 

Relive your elopement day by holding it in your hands

memories in print

Imagine it's your anniversary.

A year from now, 5 years from now, 50 years from now. You pick up the book that's been sitting on your shelf and cuddle up with your partner. As you flip through the pages, holding the memories in your hands, you're transported back to your wedding day and all the little moments that made it special.

And because this lovely book was made by hand in a professional lab, you've still got it 50 years from now.

Heritage Albums

I get emotional holding wedding albums in my hands, and they aren't even for my own wedding.

There's something about printed images that gets you in a way that digital files never will. They're tangible memories, and you have the opportunity to experience them one at a time, right in front of you.

"Experience" being the operative word.

Albums hit different


Digital photography’s roots are in film; your images are meant to be developed and printed.

The digital files are only one step in the process. They aren’t the final form! To truly see your images come to life in all their glory, print them. And what better way than in a beautifully designed, archival-quality book holding the story of your wedding day?

"Printed" is the final form


This one is just scientific fact.

If your images are printed in a beautiful, heritage album, you're way more likely to revisit them than if they were tucked away on a hard drive in the closet. Or buried in some string of nested folders that you keep moving from computer to computer.

Trust me, I'm a scientist.

You'll Look At Them More


Or are they...? I don't know. As a child of the 1900s, I know how quickly technology can change. Who's to say JPEGs will be readable until the end of forever? Certainly not me. You know what's always compatible though? Your album.

All manner of things can happen to your images, and it could just be a matter of time. That hard drive from 2018 isn't going to last 30 years, you know?

Your album will.

JPEGs Aren't Forever


Why Print Your Images At All?

Why albums?

"But I made sure not to get tears on the album!"

— Allison

“I only cried a little when we opened it”

Once complete, your album will be sent to me for a final check to make sure it's perfect, then sent on to you to hold and enjoy for years and years and years.


Your album order will be sent to the professional print lab I'm partnered with to be handmade with the utmost care and attention.


Once the design is finalized and approved, it's time to personalize. You'll receive a questionnaire with all the fabric options and space for your design ideas. This is also where you can order duplicate albums if you'd like.


I'll design the whole thing for you and send it to you online for proofing. You'll be able to flip through the pages and leave comments on specific images if you'd like to change anything. There's no hassle or confusing back and forth via email.


The easiest step one you've ever seen: let me know you'd like an album! You can order an album at any time, including after your elopement.


in 5 easy steps

How to get your very own album

How to make your elopement album yours

Page design

This is the most overwhelming part for people to face down.

There are key ingredients that go into a timeless, emotional, aesthetic album design, but here's the thing: you don't have to worry about any of it. I’ve invested in this education so that you don’t have to. I take the hard part off your plate and design an album that tells the story of your elopement day from start to seamless finish.

With cloud-based software, you can digitally turn your album’s pages and preview the design. Leave comments on any images or pages that you’d like to change; nothing gets printed without your stamp of approval!

album cover customization

Everything about your album cover is totally up to you.

From the fabric type (several different leather options, velvet, book cloth, or a vegan leather you won't believe isn't real), to the colour, to the debossing on the cover and spine.

If any of this gets overwhelming, or you aren't sure what will look good with what, I'm here to help!

I offer design sessions over Zoom (free of charge) where I can show you fabric swatches. We can talk everything through so you know exactly how your album cover is going to turn out, and so you can feel confident in--and excited about!--your choices.

An archival quality, professionally designed, storytelling album. Your memories right there in your hands.


  • A 16x12, 12x9, or 10x8 album, starting at 30 spreads (60 pages). Extra pages available up to a max of 100.

  • Bespoke album design done for you, then sent to you online to approve or make changes.

  • A custom album cover in whichever fabric and colour you like.

  • Album "debossing," which is a gilded imprint of a design. This can be as simple as your names or the date, or you can add in artistic elements.

  • A video call design session with me where you can see your fabric and debossing choices together and finalize the cover design.

Heritage Albums

printed images

Starting at $800


If you're already booked with me or I've already photographed your elopement, you can email me directly to order an album: 


Number of pages you can fit in an album


Number of fabric types available (plus colours!)

4 lbs

Weight of a standard album


Average number of images in a 60-page album

What is a "spread"?

Most companies sell their albums based on the number of "spreads," or two page pairs. When you open the book flat, those two pages make up one spread.

For example, a 25-spread book will have 50 pages.

Album Q&A:

How many edits can we make?

For every album, you get three rounds of revision, if needed. Anything beyond that is an additional fee.

The vast majority of my couples only need one round of revisions, occasionally two.

Can I get an album in time for...

This is always variable depending on the time of year!

As you can imagine, the lab gets pretty busy around the holidays, which can lengthen delivery times. If you'd like to have your album by a specific date, let me know as soon as possible so we can make sure to order it early.

Will you design the cover for us?

Absolutely! One cover design element for debossing is included in the base price, but you can add pretty much whatever you'd like.

We'll work together to design the perfect cover for your album, from minimal text to larger designs. You don't have to worry about doing any of that yourself.

How many images will be in our album?

Variable answer!

This depends on the size of your album (obviously) and, to an extent, your elopement day. A good estimate is to multiply the number of spreads by 1.5 or 2, sometimes more. I don't cram the spreads full of as many images as possible; leaving some breathing room makes for a more soothing, timeless design and lets each image shine.

How do we take care of our album to make sure it lasts?

You don't need to handle your album with white gloves, but there are certain things that will extend its life and keep it looking beautiful.

Fairly obvious, but make sure your hands are clean! Our skin naturally produces oils, and that can leave smudges on the pages. Your albums pages will have a lustre coating on them that can be gently wiped down with a damp cloth.

Keep the album out of direct sunlight to avoid bleaching. Do note that certain leathers will patina beautifully over time. You can also purchase a slipcase for your album, which will keep it protected from sunlight and dust.

What's the deal with duplicates?

Duplicates are exact copies of your album that you can add on for less than the original. These can be the same size as the original album or smaller. 

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