Washington Elopement Photography Packages

Washington Elopement Photography Packages

The PNW and Beyond

All too often when planning a wedding, you've got people telling you what to do, what to wear, where to go, how to act. Before you know it, it's all gotten way from you, and you don't recognize yourself or your relationship any more.

And then on top of that, trying to find vendors who understand eloping as more than just some "lesser wedding"...??

Gross. No one wants to look back on their wedding day and have those kinds of memories.

You deserve much better than that.

Elopement packages for the PNW and beyond

You're in the right place. Welcome home.

"I can never stop thanking you enough. Know that you are appreciated and adored by us. "

— Allison & Bella

“You gave us a dream and the best day of our lives."

I'm Rachel, your elopement photographer

I photograph elopements in Washington for all love. Couples just like you who want to be exactly who they are on their wedding day.

To me, being your elopement photographer is so much more than just turning up on the day and taking pretty pictures. I work with each of my couples one-on-one to make sure that your day is truly you, and everything you've been dreaming of. 

hey there!

Elopements are deeply personal, and having a stranger show up waving a camera in your face is...not ideal. And probably not what you're looking for.

Getting to know more about you and your relationship before your elopement is a big part of the whole process and makes your day that much more enjoyable!

We're not here for only the most popular trails on social media, where you'll have a big audience. After getting to know precisely what you're looking for, I spend hours and hours finding the best locations for your elopement day, presented in a custom guide for you to choose from, with all the info you'd ever need. I'm here to help, but the final decision is always up to you.

Your Elopement Experience: What's Included

Getting to know you

Custom locations


My ultimate goal is to help you create the best day for you and your partner, one that gives you the space to be exactly who you are and enjoy every minute. This isn't like a traditional timeline where "you must be here at 2 pm or the day is ruined." This is a roadmap for your wedding day, taking everything into account, including the very best times for photos.

A bespoke timeline


My magnum opus.

This VIP guide is an exclusive bonus for my couples, and it's. got. everything. Seriously, it's almost 80 pages of all the info in my brain and everything you need to dream up the perfect elopement day!

The "VIP Client Guide"


"Photography Plus"

"A photograph isn't a photograph until it's a print."

I'd quote someone on that, but everyone and their sister has said some variation because it's true. Your elopement photos deserve so much more than getting lost deep in your phone storage. Getting a storyteller album printed adds life to your images, encourages you to flip through them all the time, and preserves them for generations in these gorgeous museum-quality books.



You didn't think I'd send you the client guide with a "good luck" and disappear, did you?

I'm here for you every step of the way, both to answer your questions and back your choices. Send me photos of your outfits, ask for help with picking lodging, bounce some ideas off me. It's what I'm here for!

Unlimited consults



All too often, I've wished I had more time. To photograph all the moments of your day, to suggest an incredible experience I know you would have loved.

Does anyone question it when couples having big weddings hire photographers for a full day? Nope, no one bats an eye. "It's their wedding day."

This is your wedding day. Not your "15 minute ceremony, maybe some pictures, and then I guess pick up groceries on the way home."

Because no one ever said, "Our elopement was too good, I wish we did less."

Let's talk all-day elopements

How It Works

Send me a message! I'll do an honest-to-goodness happy dance, get back to you within a few hours, and schedule a call with you and your partner

reach out

On the call, we'll start dreaming up the perfect day for you both, and once we have a date and general location, I'll send over a contract

start dreaming

With a contract and retainer, I'm all yours, for keeps. You'll get the VIP Client Guide ASAP, and I'll get to work! 

I'm all yours

"Finding a photographer that we were comfortable with was a priority for us, and by the day of our ceremony, we felt like we had known them for ages. By the end of our time together, we were in pain from smiling and laughing so much."

caryn & amanda:


“She captures real people in real moments at amazing locations. Love, love, love her.”



“We would give 6 Stars if we could! We loved our experience from start to finish.”



“Rachel was hands down the best photographer we've had. We are the most awkward couple and she made us look amazing."



“Rachel had a great way of making us feel comfortable enough to be ourselves and was able to capture who we are as a couple.”

alexis & kay:


rave reviews

“Rachel had a great way of making us feel comfortable enough to be ourselves and was able to capture who we are as a couple.”



“She captures real people in real moments at amazing locations. Love, love, love her.”



“We would give 6 Stars if we could! We loved our experience from start to finish.”



“Rachel was hands down the best photographer we've had. We are the most awkward couple and she made us look amazing."



rave reviews

The Details: What's Included, And How Much Does it Cost?

-Continuous photography coverage + all your beautiful, high-resolution images displayed in an online gallery. From the gallery, you can print, download, and share with whomever you like.

-One roll of film to document your day in the most nostalgic way possible, provided as digital scans. Added as a free gift for bookings 8 hours and up. A hardcover, 10x10 book of your film images is available as an add-on.

-Location suggestions based on your personal preferences.

-Bespoke timeline building and activity suggestions for the perfect, stress-free day.

-Photo slideshow ($500 value)

-Custom storytelling album design included, plus a credit toward your album purchase. The more hours of photography you book, the larger the album credit.

-Packed elopement planning guide. 75+ pages packed. It's got everything you need to dream up and plan the perfect elopement adventure for you and your partner. I can't even put a price on this, it's bananas.

All Packages Include:

Washington Elopements

Starting at 4 hours of photography, up to 2 full days. (...or more, who am I to say no to a bigger adventure?)

Up to 15 people. My travel anywhere in Washington (accessible by 2WD or a commercial flight) is included!


Average spend: $5000
Starting at $3800

Book your Elopement!

Starting at $3500
up to $9500

Book your elopement!

U.S. + International Elopements

Starting at 8 hours of photography, up to 3 days.

Up to 15 people. I'll go wherever you go, my darlings.

Outside Washington

Normal rates + flat fee to cover my travel

I'm also available for portrait sessions depending on the elopement schedule--perfect for travel adventures, engagements, honeymoons, or whatever you like. Message me for more info!

Ever wish you could have "something more" to remember your elopement day, but without another vendor or another camera in your face?

These highlight films are for you.

Elopement highlight films: your memories in motion

What if we don't know how much time we need?

Very common question! And understandable. I've got some example timelines for you to help with the decision making. I also chat with my couples to understand your specific needs, desires, and plans. We'll figure it all out together.

You Might Have Some Questions...

Can we invite guests? How many people can we bring?

You can absolutely invite people! Eloping doesn't mean you have to be alone (although plenty of my couples love going that route).

I cap things around 10-15 guests, depending on how much time you book. Have to draw a line somewhere, you know? Your elopement day is about you, your partner, and your love. Not having to worry about 200 people's opinions is one of the perks!

We want to hire you, but we don't know where we want to elope yet. Should we wait till we know?

Fun fact: most of my couples don't know where they want to elope! Not specifically, anyway. If you really have zero idea, please email me. Part of my job is helping couples find the perfect place for their elopement, the best place to suit them, so I can absolutely help you narrow things down!

You can definitely keep hunting for places on your own, but...why?

What if we want something custom, something that doesn't fit neatly into an elopement package?

That's my jam. I have some easy-to-choose packages based on hours of coverage. Most couples book me for 8-12 hours, but I have packages up to two full days. ...And I mean, we can make it a full-blown, week-long adventure if that's what you're into.

I'm not here to put anyone in a box. If you want to make something totally custom, I'm on board. We'll make it happen.

Can we do [fill in the blank] on our elopement day?

99% of the time? Yes.

I don't care who's told you "no" in the past, I'm all about "yes." Who cares if other people aren't doing what you're doing; there aren't any rules. I'm fully in your corner when it comes to your elopement plans!

How far out from our date should we book you?

The earlier the better (up to 18 months). I can plan and pull off an elopement in a week, but the longer you wait, the less likely it is that I'll have your date available! (And the harder it is to get a permit.) Most of my couples book me 4-8 months out.

*NOTE: I do still have 2023 availability. If you can see this, I still have room in the calendar. Don't fret, this isn't a high-pressure situation.

Do you only work in Washington?

Nope! Most of my couples elope here in the PNW, but I'm a traveler at heart. Always have been. I've visited 16(?) countries and travel all the time. Let's just say: I'm good at travel, I'll fly wherever for you, and I'll help you travel better if you need tips.

And if you want to elope in Ireland, there are very special packages just for you:

Do you charge extra travel fees after we've booked you?

Not for most travel, no! Your elopement package includes all my "typical" travel. Anything outside of the usual, commercial travel (e.g. 2WD or commercial flight accessible) is going to be extra. 

Like...helicopters, float planes, 4WD Jeep adventures, hot air balloons, whale watching boats, etc. All I ask in those scenarios is that you cover my tickets/whatever and we're good to go; no "additional fees." (:

Elope in Ireland

Still on the Fence?

let's do this

I get it, it's a big deal! So here's what I'm going to do: click that button below to schedule a free consult with me to talk things through. No catch, no strings. Just a listening ear to help you find what you're really looking for.