You want to hear what almost every single couple says to me?

Washington and PNW Elopement Packages

 You know what you don't want.

Sometimes what you're really dreaming of can be hard to articulate. Or hard to get a handle on because it can feel like A Lot to deal with. And that's ok; most of you have never done this before!

We'll get to the heart of what you're looking for, together, and then I'll help you design an elopement day you'll love.

The effortless elopement experience

Some variation of: "We're so awkward. We want to look like ourselves. We don't want to do what everyone else is telling us to do. We just want to run away and spend time together in a way that feels like us."

"Rachel does a fantastic job of honoring the couples that they work with, meeting your energy and style so your photos feel like you. The planning support, ideals, and recommendations that they provided made our elopement much less stressful and so special."

- Julia & justin

"As easily as possible" is my preferred way to do things.
Here's how to book me as your photographer/planner for a PNW elopement.

The Details:
How Does it Work, What's Included, And How Much Does it Cost?

Send me a message! I’ll get back to you within a few hours, and we can chat all about your elopement plans and answer any questions that you have.

1. Reach Out

We’ll start dreaming up the perfect day for you both. Doesn’t have to be specific or detailed: once we have a date and a general location (“Washington” is fine), I’ll send over a contract.

2. Start Dreaming

With a signed contract and flat-rate retainer, I’m all yours, for keeps. You’ll get the "How to Elope" guide right away, and I’ll get to work.

3. I'm All Yours

Custom photography and video coverage, partial- to multi-day elopements

(...Or more, who am I to say no to things.)

Up to 20 people. My travel anywhere in Washington (accessible by 2WD or a commercial flight) is included.


  • Photography (obviously); let's talk and figure out exactly what you need
  • Highlight film
  • Accommodations and assistance for neurodivergent folks
  • All your images displayed in a beautiful, digital gallery that tells the story of your elopement
  • Printing rights to your images
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Hands-on planning assistance and consultations for everything from personalized location help to a bespoke wedding day timeline
  • Custom, online elopement portal: one, central location for everything (our roadmap together, timeline, location lookbook, helpful resources, packing list, and more)

Washington Elopements


starting at $2800
Full day to multi-day coverage available

If you're interested in eloping in Ireland, I have special packages just for you that I think you'll love...

"Rachel had a great way of making us feel comfortable enough to be ourselves and was able to capture who we are as a couple. They communicated well with us about what we were doing next and never pressured us to do anything out of our comfort zone. Not to mention our photos came out gorgeous!"

- Alexis & Kay

Meet your elopement photographer

Hello, my darlings. I’m Rachel (they/them), your Washington elopement photographer. 

My approach is non-traditional, personalized, and tailored to you and your dreams. Everyone is different, and I work with each of my darling clients to make sure you have the support and space you need to have that “limitless” elopement experience.

All without getting so overwhelmed by the process that you give up on the whole thing. Planning your wedding can be a good time, promise.


All the elopement magic I’ve been talking about? It takes time. And I always wish I had more of it. To photograph all the moments of your day, to give you time to soak it all in, to allow for breaks when you need them, and to make art together. The most enchanting images happen when you have time to fully relax and unmask, and when I have time to get creative.

This is your wedding day. Not your “5-minute ceremony, maybe some pictures, and then I guess pick up groceries on the way home” day.

You deserve it. 

Because no one ever said,
"Our elopement was too good, I wish we did less."

Let's talk all-day elopements

Memorialize your elopement with a heritage album

Your memories deserve to be printed. These albums are a beautifully tangible way to relive your story.

What if we don't know how much time we need?

Very common question! And understandable. I've got some example timelines for you to help with the decision making. I also chat with my clients before you book to understand your specific needs, desires, and plans. We'll figure it all out together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we invite guests? How many people can we bring?

You can absolutely invite people! Eloping doesn't mean you have to be alone, although plenty of my couples love going that route.

I cap things around 15-20 guests, depending on how much time you book. Have to draw a line somewhere, you know? Your elopement day is about you, your partner, and your love. Not having to worry about 200 people's opinions is one of the perks!

We want to hire you, but we don't know where we want to elope yet. Should we wait till we know?

Fun fact: most of my couples don't know where they want to elope! Not specifically, anyway. If you really have zero idea, please email me. Part of my job is helping you find the perfect place for your elopement, the best place to suit you, so I can absolutely help you narrow things down!

You can definitely keep hunting for places on your own, but...why?

What if we want something custom that doesn't fit neatly into an elopement package?

I have some easy-to-choose packages based on hours of coverage. Most folks book me for 7-9 hours, but I have packages up to two full days. ...And I mean, we can make it a full-blown, week-long adventure if that's what you're into.

I'm not here to put anyone in a box. If you want to make something totally custom, I'm on board. We'll make it happen.

Can we do [fill in the blank] on our elopement day?

99% of the time? Yes. I'm fully in your corner when it comes to your elopement plans. 

That being said: if something won't work in the way you're envisioning, or there's information you don't have that will affect your decision making, I'll be straight with you. My priority is giving you the best experience possible, and very rarely, that does mean saying "I don't recommend that." 

How far out from our date should we book you?

The earlier the better (up to 18 months). I can plan and pull off an elopement in a week, but the longer you wait, the less likely it is that I'll have your date available! (And the harder it is to get a permit.) Most of my couples book me 4-10 months out.

*NOTE: I do still have availability in 2024 for the PNW, and 2025 for both the PNW and Ireland.

Do you only work in Washington?

Nope! Most of my couples elope here in the PNW, but I'm a traveler at heart. Always have been. I've visited 16(?) countries and travel all the time. I'll fly wherever for you, and I'll help you travel better if you need tips.

And if you want to elope in Ireland, there are very special packages just for you:

Do you charge extra travel fees after we've booked you?

Not for most travel, no! Your elopement package includes all my "typical" travel. Anything outside of the usual, commercial travel (e.g. 2WD or commercial flight accessible) is going to be extra. 

Like...helicopters, float planes, 4WD Jeep adventures, hot air balloons, whale watching boats, etc. All I ask in those scenarios is that you cover my tickets/whatever and we're good to go; no "additional fees." (:

I'm delighted you're here, my darlings. This is your first step to having the best elopement day for you. A day grounded in gentleness that makes it easy to relax and unmask.

The more info you can give me the better; my main goal here is to be on your side and really listen to what you're saying, understand what you want, and then make it happen.

If you missed it above: Washington elopement photography packages start at $2800 and include a full, customized experience from start to finish. 

Let's get started