Elopement Highlight Films

Capture the movement of your once-in-a-lifetime elopement day

I've worked with and am friends with some excellent videographers, but my partner and I just...didn't hire one. With how small our elopement was going to be, and for how private and introverted we both are, the idea of another camera in our faces--another vendor up in our business--was too much. (It was also a while back; video wasn't fully on my radar, to be honest.)

My dad set up a wee camera on a tripod to record the small group "processing in" down the narrow dirt trail instead.

That simple, static video is all we have.
And I watch it all the time.

The perfect addition to your elopement experience

Something more

Look, photos go a very long way. I wouldn't be a photographer if I didn't truly believe that.

Here's the thing though: your photographer isn't going to capture every single second of the day. We're storytellers, and sending you 5,000 images is not in your best interests. That's overwhelming and horrible.

Video, though, captures the flow through an emotion, or the full range of the way the wind ruffled your partner's hair. Video won't replace photography, just different tools, different jobs.

Something more.

Elopement Highlight Films

- 1-2 minute highlight film

- Online streaming for easy sharing
- Downloadable file
- Quick delivery: your film will be delivered with your photo gallery


Starting at $1000

Do we need to book a photography package too?


I'm only offering these highlight films as an add-on, so they're exclusively available for couples who are also booking photography packages.

Frequently Asked Questions: Video Edition

How do you do this?

I'm not going to give away all my secrets, but I use both my regular cameras (switched to video mode) and occasionally a wee camera clipped to my backpack or camera harness to record behind-the-scenes clips.

Are these just for elopements?

Nope; you can add a highlight film to anything!

They're especially fun for adventure sessions or engagements. Memories are memories; they don't have to be the "biggest day of your life" to matter.

Is there anything extra we need to do to prepare?

Nope. Think of the video camera as a fly-on-the-wall observer. Your elopement (or adventure session) is going to go exactly the same, with or without the film. All you have to do is show up (:

Will we be sacrificing photo quality for this?

Short answer: no

Longer answer: Photography is my passion, my job, my wheelhouse. I am a photographer first, and if I have to make the choice between getting the photo and getting an uninterrupted video clip, I'm going to choose the photo, every single time.

Can we hire you instead of a videographer?

Not exactly.

Since photography is my priority, and I'm not creating feature films, these highlight videos are the "in between," if that makes sense. Way better than some nonsense filmed on a phone, but not the same as a videographer focused solely on that job. If you want the highest production quality, please do hire a videographer!!

I adore these highlight films, and I want to be super transparent about what they are and what they aren't. So if you want some more clarification or to chat about the details, feel free to email me!

How do we get the video?

Your highlight film will be hosted online to make sharing with your loved ones super easy, but I'll also transfer you the original file, for keeps.