The Effortless Elopement Experience

Washington elopement photography

Relaxed, unhurried, affirming wedding days: tailored to you

Are you overwhelmed by your own wedding?


You walk through the world differently, alive in your own individuality, and you want your wedding day to embody that. You want room to breathe and slow down for an intentional elopement experience.

But you don't know how.

You deserve a day that fills you up with so much joy that you're able to lean into who you are without any of the overwhelm that comes from big decisions, too much info, and the unknown.

And that is literally what I'm here for. I'll photograph your elopement, obviously, but everything leading up to it is going to be easy and fun. No more stress, no more panic, no more putting things off because you don't know what to do and then...panicking some more.

The wedding world wasn't designed for neurodivergent or introverted folks.

This experience is.
You can get married differently.

"Rachel is very laid-back and knows how to make their clients feel special and comfortable. They genuinely enjoy what they do and will do everything that they can to make sure that you are prepared for and happy with what you have planned."

- Caryn & Amanda

  • A stress-free elopement experience catered to your needs from start to finish, with a neurodivergent photographer who knows what it's like. No. More. Overwhelm.

  • The freedom to express your love and personalities openly.

  • Beautiful photos. No modeling experience necessary.

  • Stunning landscape images, because not everyone wants pictures of themselves on the walls.

  • An elopement photographer and consultant in one. Someone who gets you.

  • Posing that honours your relationship, boundaries, and comfort levels.

By getting married this way, you'll have...


Does that sound good to you?

Whether you’re neurodivergent, introverted, have anxiety or sensory issues, or just don’t feel like a big wedding is your thing, you’re in the right place.

I’m Rachel (they/them), your queer, AuDHD Washington elopement photographer. I'm here for the intimate, laid-back, unrestricted elopements. Deep breaths, joy, and art in beautiful places.

Your elopement photographer