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Ireland elopement photography packages

Let's get international

Although I’m currently based in Washington state, Ireland will always be Home, and I’m beyond thrilled to be able to share the old country with you on your elopement day.

These are extra special Ireland elopement packages for folks eloping or adventuring during my annual trip home.

As an added bonus, you get the confidence of working with someone who knows what it’s like to be both Irish and American. …Truly. Born in Ireland and everything, and spent every summer there growing up.

No matter what questions you have, I’ve got you, love.

Special Elopement Packages for the Emerald Isle

Let's get started

Eloping internationally sounds a wee bit daunting to some, and that’s ok! I promise it’s much easier than you think, and you can 100% do this.

The best way to get all your questions answered is to email me (or book a free vibe check!) and ask me whatever you like.

There are also a lot of resources on the blog. You can start with the “Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Ireland,” or you can check out all the Ireland-related articles in one place. Like a menu.

How to Have the Perfect Irish Wedding

Where to start though...?

Ultimate Guide

Eloping internationally sounds a wee bit daunting to some, and that's ok! I promise it's much easier than you think, and you can 100% do this.

The best way to get all your questions answered is to email me, book a free consult, and ask me whatever you like.

There are also a lot of resources over on the blog. You can start at the "Ultimate Guide to Eloping in Ireland" blog and click around from there based on the details you need, or you can check out all the Ireland-related blogs in one place. Like a menu.

All things Ireland
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I'm here to make your dream Celtic adventure a reality

Hello, love, I'm Rachel (they/them).

If thinking about Ireland makes you feel something, that’s as good a sign as any that it’s the right choice for your elopement.

I love living in Washington, but the minute I decided to make my trips home a more regular occurrence, I immediately felt a massive sense of relief.

It recharges my bones
. …The ones inside my body. I don’t have a collection.

Whether you’ve been to Ireland before or have only ever dreamed of visiting, getting married in this wild, special place is an adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your lives.

Get to know your photographer

The Details: What's Included, And How Much Does it Cost?

Eloping internationally is easier than you think; let's break down the how and when of it all. "As easily as possible" is my preferred way to do things. For all of us. So here it is: how to book me as your photographer/druid for an Ireland elopement.

Send me a message! I’ll get back to you within a few hours, and we can go through all your travel and elopement plans. If you don't have plans yet, that's perfect too.

Reach Out

You get to pick my brain, and I get to help you dream up an Ireland elopement! Once we have a date, you'll receive a contract to look over and sign.

Start Dreaming

With a contract and flat-rate retainer (all handled digitally for ease), I’m all yours, for keeps. You’ll get the VIP client guide right away, and I’ll get to work.

I'm All Yours

Everything you need to have the Ireland elopement you're dreaming of.

Up to 15 people. My commercial travel is included anywhere in the Republic of Ireland.


  • Photography (obviously) starting at 6 hours, up to two days.
  • All your images displayed in a beautiful, online gallery that tells the story of your elopement, accessible for a year
  • Printing rights to your images
  • Unlimited downloads
  • Hands-on planning assistance and consultations for everything from personalized locations to a bespoke wedding day timeline
  • Film photography for the nostalgia
  • Custom, online elopement portal: one, central location for everything (our roadmap together, timeline, location list, helpful resources, packing list, and more)
  • Accommodations for neurodiverse folks, and no judgment

Ireland Elopement Packages


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I'm also available for portrait sessions depending on the elopement schedule--perfect for travel adventures, engagements, honeymoons, etc. Message me for more info!

"If you're on board, I'm on board."

— ME, right now

I can work in Ireland legally.

As an Irish citizen, you’ll never have to worry about your photographer getting stopped at immigration and missing your elopement.

I’ve not only been to Ireland, I’ve spent so much time there I still refer to it as home.

I’m not guessing at locations, rules, culture, or weather. I’m not searching on Google and hoping for the best. I know what it’s really like, which means you don’t have to worry about a thing.

The Perks of Hiring an Irish-American

Keep it above board

Experience you can trust


Ok, this is kind of a joke but kind of not, especially if you're in a rural area: if you ever have trouble with the accents, I’m happy to translate for you (:

Translator for free


The security of hiring someone from Ireland, and the familiarity of hiring someone who’s lived in the U.S. and knows what that's like too, what it's like to fly into and out of Ireland, which airports are best, which flights are rubbish, things you should pack...

You get help on both sides of the pond, my love.

Best of both worlds


Not just anyone


A Real One.

yes. please.

What if we don't know how much time we need?

Very common question! And understandable. I've got some example timelines for you to help with the decision making. I also chat with my couples to understand your specific needs, desires, and plans. We'll figure it all out together.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can we invite guests? How many people can we bring?

You can absolutely invite people! Eloping doesn't mean you have to be alone, although plenty of my couples love going that route.

I cap things around 10-15 guests, depending on how much time you book. Have to draw a line somewhere, you know? Your elopement day is about you, your partner, and your love. Not having to worry about 200 people's opinions is one of the perks!

We want to hire you, but we don't know where we want to elope yet. Should we wait till we know?

Nope, narrowing it down to "Ireland" is enough for me!

It's a fairly small island (just 302 miles long and 171 miles wide), so don't worry about picking an exact location just yet. That's part of what I'm here to help you with!

What if we want something custom, something that doesn't fit neatly into an elopement package?

That's my jam. I have some easy-to-choose packages based on hours of coverage. Most couples book me for 8-12 hours, but I've definitely done custom packages in the past and will happily put one together for you based on your needs. This is a grand adventure; document multiple days!

Can we do [fill in the blank] on our elopement day?

99% of the time? Yes. I'm fully in your corner when it comes to your elopement plans. 

That being said: if something won't work in the way you're envisioning, or there's information you don't have that will affect your decision making, I'll be straight with you. My priority is giving you the best experience possible, and very rarely, that does mean saying "I don't recommend that." 

How far out from our date should we book you?

For Ireland, the earlier the better. I do open up the Ireland calendar for the following year earlier than the Washington one, because international travel takes a wee bit more planning and coordinating. I photograph several elopements in Ireland at once, so the later you reach out, the less flexible you'll have to be with your dates. Need to book my flights!

*NOTE: 2023 Ireland books are closed. I do still have 2024 availability. If you can see this, I still have room in the calendar.

Do you charge extra travel fees after we've booked you?

Not for most travel, no! Your elopement package includes all my "typical" travel. Anything outside of the usual, commercial travel (e.g. 2WD or commercial flight accessible) is going to be extra. 

Like...ferries, whale watching boats, specialty tours, etc. All I ask in those scenarios is that you cover my tickets/whatever and we're good to go; no "additional fees" or markups (:


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