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Today, we’re busting the top 7 elopement myths out there.  And there are several. (What is an elopement, though? Read all about them here!) Given that elopements aren’t super common–yet–it’s only to be expected that there are all kinds of myths about them floating around. But some of these myths can be pretty hurtful, and […]

Top 7 Elopement Myths: Busted

Elopement myths

What is an elopement, anyway? …Really though.   In the photography community, there’s a term floating around that tries to describe our weird blinders: Photography Land. In Photography Land, everything we know about photography is “normal.” We’re so used to different terms, turns of phrase, events, etc. that we don’t think much about them. But […]

What is an elopement?

What is an elopement?

This Milwaukee courthouse elopement was such a sweet goodbye to summer. Phaedra got ready at an incredible, industrial AirBnB in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward. It’s the arts and fashion district in the city, with restaurants, galleries, the Public Market, and a river walk. All in a “warehouse setting.”  I’m into it. High windows, white brick, […]

Milwaukee Courthouse Elopement

Milwaukee courthouse elopement

Looking for some Big Sur Wedding Inspiration? I love the Central Coast. From Pismo Beach to Monterey, it’s all lovely to me. Sand dunes, forest, rocky coastline, beaches… you can’t go wrong. And most of the time, you can see a combination of all of them in one place! Throw in some Jurassic Park vibes […]

Big Sur Wedding Inspiration

This Mountain Winery wedding was my first of the season in 2019… …and I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off the year, nor a better couple. Steve, Topher, and I have gotten to hang out a few times since we first met last December, and I know exactly how lucky […]

Mountain Winery wedding in California

Mountain Winery wedding

I’ve seen various sand dunes engagement photos before, and I’ve always tucked that at the back of my mind. “I bet we could take some rad photos at the sand dunes, given the chance…” Here’s the thing though: you have to make your own chances. Or at least,  you have to seize them when they’re […]

Sand dunes engagement session in central CA

I love a good redwoods engagement session. I’ve done several in the last few months, and I’m stoked every time. This time, though, I wanted to find somewhere new for Christina and Nick, somewhere I hadn’t been before. I found a more remote spot, we decided to gamble on both the minimal parking and the […]

Redwoods engagement session and hike

If you’re engaged, or have been engaged, you know what wedding planning is like: people have your very best interests at heart, and they just want you to have a beautiful wedding, but sometimes…they can’t help but overstep.   “You have to do this! You should do that! What? No, you can’t possibly–” Planning a […]

5 Tips for getting through wedding planning when everyone has an opinion

Seattle wedding photographer

Let’s get on the same page: what do I mean when I say wedding timeline?   It’s basically the schedule of your wedding day. Depending on how many things are happening, a wedding timeline can get pretty complex; it’s important to sort it all out and make sure everyone knows what’s going on. Early in […]

Developing a wedding timeline for amazing photos

Seattle wedding photographer

I met Mary and Adair through one of my new friends, Bahara. Bahara was doing a mentorship with me, and after all the business talk, we wanted to shoot down in Santa Cruz on the bluffs. She said that she knew a young married couple there, and that they’d be happy to help us out. […]

Anniversary session on the Santa Cruz bluffs with Mary and Adair

Anniversary santa cruz bluffs