Washington Elopement in a Cloud

Sometimes eloping in Washington means rolling with the weather. Even if that means rain and clouds. “Bad” weather doesn’t have to dampen your spirits or your plans. I think a little rain adds to the romance of it all.

Imagine exchanging vows under a canopy of trees, raindrops glistening on the leaves. Or arriving on a mountaintop to find yourself in the midst of a low-hanging cloud. Whatever the forecast, your elopement will be beautiful and memorable no matter what the weather does.

Taylor and Dominic started their elopement day at a cabin rental near Mt Baker. Together with a few of their close friends and their puppy Loki, they got ready for their wedding. We found a pretty spot next to the cabin where they shared their first look and saw each other in their wedding clothes for the first time.

They had their ceremony there at the cabin, then had cake with their friends.

We drove up a mountain road for exploring and portraits. When we arrived, we found ourselves in the middle of a cloud. The fog was dense. Despite not getting the sunset views we had hoped for, the atmosphere was deliciously moody. Taylor and Dominic shared private vows together with no one else around. We played in the cloud until we lost the rest of the evening light, then drove back down to the cabin.

Once there, Taylor and Dominic danced their first dance as a married couple under the fairy lights at the cabin, then went inside to join their friends for a dinner prepared by a private chef.

Read more about Mt Baker elopements here, and reach out about your own moody Washington elopement here!

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