Redwoods engagement session and hike

I love a good redwoods engagement session.

I’ve done several in the last few months, and I’m stoked every time. This time, though, I wanted to find somewhere new for Christina and Nick, somewhere I hadn’t been before. I found a more remote spot, we decided to gamble on both the minimal parking and the weather, they picked me up, and off we went.

Their wedding is so soonWe squeezed in this engagement session right before the wedding, because Christy only just flew into town. She’s from Canada! I was about ready to hop on a plane and fly up there, but Nick lives here in San Jose and wasn’t planning a trip up.


I’m so glad we got the time to hang out before the wedding. That’s part of why I give away engagement sessions as a gift! My couples have a chance to both get used to being in front of the camera/see how easy it is and get to know me a little better. No one wants a stranger showing up on their wedding day to shove a camera in their face…

Everything was so easy and relaxed with these two. We chit chatted about accents, visas, and immigration (the usual) on the way there, then wandered off into the trees. And this place…it was incredible. We’d be walking along a trail and then say, “I think there’s a view up ahead; I think there’s a view!” Constantly. We saw deer, bunnies, even a banana slug! And views for days. It was like Jurassic Park out there. 12/10 would go back.

These two had me giggling the whole time, then gasping as I heard the story of the timber wolf and the coyotes. (…Google coywolf.) Also a little more gasping as we hiked back because a part of that trail is steep and I clearly haven’t introduced enough cardio to my fitness regime. They told me all about Nick’s dog, and of course I immediately asked if she was going to be at the wedding. When they said no, and I got sad asked why not, they said, “She’s got a high prey drive.” Apparently, there are gophers, and she’s really into hunting gophers.

So no puppy cuddles for me, but hanging out with Christy and Nick is worth it anyway; they’re so kind, and absolutely in love with each other. Congratulations, you two, and thanks for the incredible hike!


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