A Lakeside Elopement in Washington

A lakeside elopement can be a magical experience. Whether surrounded by mountains or tucked in a cove, the open space of a lakeside elopement offers calm and peace.

We all met at one of the trailheads there in the early hours of the morning. Usually, I meet my couples wherever they’re getting ready for the day. Allison and Bella chose to finish getting ready at their ceremony spot, which I loved.

The group hiked in as the sun came up and warmed the chill from our bones. We shed layers as we climbed over downed trees, crossed over streams, and stopped along the way to take in the views.

After arriving at the lake, we took our time exploring. Allison and Bella got ready together, touching up their makeup and adding the finishing touches to their outfits. …When you scroll down to look at the photos, please take a moment for these outfits.

Allison and Bella found their ceremony site together. It’s one of the perks of eloping either alone or with a small group: you can have your ceremony wherever you want. In the broad sense, yes, but also the specifics! It’s part of the charm, picking the exact spot where you’ll stand to exchange your vows on your elopement day. For so many of my couples, it’s been a unique and exciting part of the experience.

Eloping gives you that freedom. And more besides. Without any of the restrictions, you have a blank slate to work with and make your own. And you really can make it your own.

There aren’t actually any rules. No boxes to check, no moulds to fit, and no traditions to follow unless you want to.

…This isn’t just about whether or not you wear a white dress.

It’s so much more than that.

One of the most important things to me is that I create a space that’s calm and judgment-free. It’s a big part of why I became an elopement photographer in the first place. Whoever you are, whatever makes you feel joy…you get to express all of it. No personality masking required.

If you want to elope at Mt Baker, too, this article has everything you need to know. You can also check out my Washington elopement packages or contact me directly.

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