Halloween Adventure Session

This Halloween adventure session wasn’t intended to be “Halloween-y” at all, it was just a coincidence of dates. But I couldn’t help myself.

On a whim, I swung by to pick up some white sheets on my way to the session. I tucked them into my backpack with a pair of scissors and crossed my fingers.

I met Lexi and Roger up in the mountains in Washington. The weather had just started to turn. There was a definite chill in the air, a dusting of snow on the mountain peaks, and some ice on the trail. I’ve given up on trying to predict the weather in Washington. Year over year, the rain, temperature, and snowfall seem to do whatever they like with only a passing regard for the previous year’s patterns.

The sunshine did poke through though, though, and we made the most of it. They told me about how they met, how new their relationship was, and whimsical the entire thing was. We romped about together exploring the area and taking in the views.

This is one of my favourite trails in Washington for portraits. It’s accessible, easy, beautiful, and provides lots of variety for photos. I have several similar places in my back pocket earmarked for portrait sessions, but this one is a gem.

When I broached the topic of ghost photos, Lexi and Roger were on board immediately. It was my first time experimenting with ghost portraits. At time of writing, this session was 3 years in the past (I blog on my own indeterminate schedule, apparently), and i loved the ghosties so very much that I’ve done a ghost session every year since.

I’m more than happy to do them again…Send me a message if a Halloween adventure session (or elopement? How good would that be!) is something you’re interested in!

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