How to Elope in Washington


Have you been dreaming of eloping in Washington but gotten too overwhelmed?

If no one's told you yet, wedding planning doesn't have to be stressful. It doesn't have to be "a full time job." Colour me biased, but they way I do things...it's kinda fun.

This guide will cover the basics and then point you to more in-depth info, so you can dive into each topic when you're ready.

Your ultimate guide to the evergreen state

Let's get started.

Washington state has a fairly temperate climate, despite its rainy reputation. It's kind of a local secret that Washington is beautiful all year round, but we do have real seasons here! Each has its own magic, depending on what kind of elopement experience you're looking for, flowing from winter wonderland to bright green to wildflowers to gorgeous autumn colours.

When is the best time to elope in Washington?

the rainy elephant in the room


Short version: Everywhere

1. National Parks (Olympic, North Cascades, Rainier)
2. National Forests (Olympic, Gifford-Pinchot, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie, Okanogan-Wenatchee, Colville)
3. State Parks (so many)
4. "Bonus" locations outside of the norm. Click over to the blog to read a much more thorough guide on where to elope!

Where are the best places to elope in Washington?



Short version: Everywhere

1. National Parks (Olympic, North Cascades, Rainier)

2. National Forests (Olympic, Gifford-Pinchot, Mt. Baker-Snoqualmie, Okanogan-Wenatchee, Colville)

3. State Parks (so many)

4. "Bonus" locations outside of the norm. Click over to the blog to read a much more thorough guide on where to elope!

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: eloping grants you the freedom to make your wedding day an experience.

Getting ready is part of your elopement day.

Celebrating afterward is part of your elopement day.

Why not revel in them both and find somewhere a wee bit more exciting that a hotel room?

Where to stay when you elope in Washington?

There are so many cute cabins and vacation rentals around Washington! Especially near the mountains. (Make sure you talk to the host before booking to make sure they're ok with me taking photos, how many people are allowed if you're having a wee reception, the parking situation, local noise ordinances, bathroom situation, etc.)

family property

Staying at your own or a family member's home adds a sweet element of familiarity.


Washington has a plethora of campsites to choose from (in varying degrees of fanciness), often with some amazing views.


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here's how

Follow a more traditional timeline

Traditional isn't code for "bad." What I mean by traditional timeline is this: you can do the things people do at big weddings. You get ready, have a ceremony, exchange vows, take portraits, and celebrate with your people. Just a wee bit differently.


What can you do during your Washington elopement?

Do some of your favourite things

Don't think about this in a "wedding" context for a minute: off the top of your head, what are some of your favourite activities? Do you like snowshoeing? Cooking? Soaking in hot springs? Wine tasting?

Adding those things to your elopement day enhances the experience. If both of you already love music and playing instruments, or paddleboarding, or ice skating, why not do that during your elopement? 


Have an out-of-the-ordinary experience

Ever wanted to take a trip to a glacier in a helicopter? Go whale watching? Travel via float plane or hot air balloon? What better day than your elopement?!

Seriously, why the hell not? What an amazing memory! What an incredible experience to share together on the day you get married. I'm all about it; I think it's rad when couples check an item off their bucket lists on their elopement day.


read more about timelines and what your day can look like!

The main reason you hire me is to document your elopement day with photos you'll have for the rest of your lives. But to get the best photos, I help you with "all of the things" beforehand. Locations, timelines, other vendors, planning tips, the "How to Elope" guide... All while getting to know you both so your day is tailor-made for you.

What I do: going beyond photography to create an affirming, stress-free elopement experience 

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I've got a list of ADA-accessible locations, and I'm committed to finding places that will work for you and your loved ones. All of my couples' location lists include information on trail length/condition, elevation change, etc. Where I can, I include info on parking, benches, and spoon rating. Very big thank you to DisabledHikers.com for so much useful information.


Some people in this gorgeous state of mine just can't handle being an ally. To the LGBTQ+ community, the Black community, to any humans who aren't straight, cis, white, neurotypical, able-bodied, and Christian.

Their minds and hearts aren't open.

Mine totally are though, so I've got you.

inclusivity + safety

Special considerations for your Washington elopement

"If you're on board, I'm on board."

— ME, right now

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