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When I started researching wedding regrets, I was bombarded. It seems like everyone and their sister has written an article on all of the regrets that people have post-wedding. Being both an optimist and a realist, I understand that things can’t all be perfect all the time, but…folks there were a lot of regrets.  Preventable […]

Top wedding regrets, and how eloping solves them

top wedding regrets

Today, we’re busting the top 7 elopement myths out there.  And there are several. (What is an elopement, though? Read all about them here!) Given that elopements aren’t super common–yet–it’s only to be expected that there are all kinds of myths about them floating around. But some of these myths can be pretty hurtful, and […]

Top 7 Elopement Myths: Busted

Elopement myths

What is an elopement, anyway? …Really though.   In the photography community, there’s a term floating around that tries to describe our weird blinders: Photography Land. In Photography Land, everything we know about photography is “normal.” We’re so used to different terms, turns of phrase, events, etc. that we don’t think much about them. But […]

What is an elopement?

What is an elopement?