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The truth about eloping is that it isn’t always as perfect as the internet would have you believe.

But it’s close.

If you’ve ever wondered if eloping is right for you, if there are actually any downsides, if the internet has been spouting lies, then this one is for you: the 3 hard truths about eloping.


1. People are going to get upset.


Let’s start this list off with something that’s completely out of your control: other people and their emotions.

This won’t apply to everyone, but for a large percentage of couples, the truth about eloping is that it’s going to piss people off. (Sorry) It just is! And you can kind of see why they’re upset, right? They love you so much, of course they do, how come they can’t be there to celebrate with you? Don’t you care about them?! That’s just it though: they make it about them. Most weddings are about the guests and what they want. They need to be there to show you how much they support and love you! But they can love and support you after the wedding too, can’t they? The day you get married is about you and your partner, not catering to what 200 other people want.

Some people will not see this right away, and that…is what it is. Better to know ahead of time, I guess.

(note: …you can still invite people to your elopement! I photograph elopements up to 30 people; my own had 15.  It doesn’t have to be just the two of you)


2. You’re going to get some weird comments


Again with the people and their emotions and their thoughts.

For most people, “elopements” aren’t really on the radar. It’s not something they think about obsessively every day, like you and me. (…lie to me if you have to and say I’m not alone in that.) So when you tell your Aunt Kathy that you’re eloping, she might have some “ideas” about that. Your cranky Irish grandfather who couldn’t have traveled out for the wedding anyway may say things like, “Married on the side of a cliff? Not in a church? Is she mad, or what?”

Make yourself a bingo card! Because the truth about eloping is that not everyone will know what you’re talking about, and they’ll let you know.

  • Is that even legal?
  • That sounds silly
  • Yes, but when is the real wedding?
  • Are you ashamed of [partner] or something?
  • You can’t do that
  • Where? In Vegas?


And on, and on, and on…

You can either give them the benefit of the doubt and provide some helpful information (*cough*send-them-to-my-blog*cough*), or you can brush them off with smiles and nods and just…carry on doing what you were going to do anyway.


3. You have some tough decisions to make


Ok, to be very honest, I straight up couldn’t think of anything else because I truly believe that eloping is the best way to get married. This is like those job interviews where they ask you what your biggest flaw is, and some people try and dodge it by saying, “I’m too much of a perfectionist.” But really, I’m at a loss!

The last hard truth about eloping is that the world is your oyster and you are now so spoiled for choice that you might have a hard time narrowing it down. You can go anywhere. Mostly. Mostly anywhere. And do anything! It can be a wee bit overwhelming.

But don’t worry, I’ve got you. I help my couples narrow in on their location, pick some activities that they’ll love, find the perfect hidden gems for their ceremony and portraits, and design a custom timeline for their elopement day. Pretty sweet, right? Get in touch to find out more and start planning your own badass elopement day!

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