Top 10 reasons why elopements are the best

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Today, we are talking about why elopements are the best

Plenty of people are 110% happy having a huge, traditional wedding. And that’s ok!

But for those of us who aren’t interested in a traditional wedding day, who are looking for something different and maybe need a nudge or something to help explain it to family…I get it. I’m here for you.

If you’re on the fence and need some more elopement goodness, or you have people in your life who don’t get it (yet), here are the top 10 reasons why elopements are the best:

1. Freedom

Some traditions are sweet and genuine and lovely. …Some are peer pressure from beyond the grave

When you elope, you have the chance to craft a unique day that really speaks to you and your partner as a couple. Like a tradition? Keep it. Don’t like it? Ditch it. I’ll never tell people to abandon a culture or heritage or tradition that means something to them for the sake of being “different.” Those things are what make you you! But you aren’t beholden to anyone or anything, and your wedding day doesn’t have to be weighed down by other people’s expectations.


2. Location options

Traditional weddings take place at traditional venues. If you elope, do you know what’s available to you? …the rest of the planet.


Other than those places where humans aren’t allowed or where it doesn’t make ethical or environmental sense…you can elope anywhere you want.

My partner and I got married in front of a huge pile of rocks with a beach on either side. (It took me days to find it–it’s not on Google Maps.) It was perfect for us, and I can help you find the perfect spot for you too. 


3. No guest list nonsense

Need I say more…?

You’re fond of everyone on the list (mostly); of course you are. But where does it end?! Every guest list has got those “linch pin” people, right? If you invite them, you have to invite so and so, and if you invite them, then you can’t possibly leave out–

And so on.

Or maybe you are being forced to invite someone you don’t even like because your mum said you have to. Not exactly the feelings you want to be feeling on your wedding day.

Elopements don’t have those guest list issues. Either there isn’t a guest list at all, or it’s small and controlled and that is that.


4. Intimacy

Maybe it’s the introvert in me (it’s totally the introvert in me), but the idea of saying my very private wedding vows in front of anyone but my partner made me dizzy. Hell no, not happening.

There were 15 people at our elopement, which made for a lovely, intimate ceremony, but we still read our vows to one another in private before the ceremony. Elopements allow for a truly intimate experience, one that you just can’t get with 250 guests.


5. Low stress

Without a million things to keep track of, elopements are way lower on the stress scale than traditional weddings. Way fewer people, moving parts, problems, and distractions to wrangle. All you need to focus on is getting married. 


6. Less expensive

Is this why people elope? No. Is this a delightful bonus? Yes.

The truth is, couples who elope are willing to spend money on their wedding day, but more of the money goes toward the experience than the things. And even then, elopements often come out much cheaper than traditional weddings. Diiiiid you know that the average spend on wedding reception venues in 2018 was $15,539…? 


Elopements…don’t have that. They have helicopter rides and rad AirBnBs and private chefs or none of that and whatever you freaking want instead.


7. Liberating

Have you ever truly been in a position in which you can do whatever you want?

No one else’s opinions, expectations, or rules. 

Can you imagine what an incredible day (or weekend…) you’d have? On your wedding day? Spoilers: it’s pretty great.


8. Shorter planning time frame

I’ve mentioned before that elopements do require some planning, especially if you’re doing something a little more “involved.” But you can pull it off in a very short time frame if you need or want to.

My partner and I were only engaged for 5 months. I’ve had couples book me 1 month out. …We can probably make it happen in a week. You certainly don’t have to, but you have the option!


9. A wedding day that’s for you

A lot of big weddings/events are not for the couple; they’re for the guests. Again, some people are ok with that, but some of us aren’t. My partner and I only invited a wee handful of guests to our elopement, and we definitely wanted them to enjoy it. But at the same time, we knew that this would be our anniversary for the rest of our lives. That this was the first day of our marriage together and it meant something. 

Your wedding day is so freaking special, and it should be about you and your partner. And with an elopement,  you can have that. Ever hear that saying, “someone is always going to be upset, no matter what you do?” Might as well make sure you’re one of the happy people on your own wedding day, right…?


10. Environmental impact

This one is very near and dear to me.

The wedding industry is a freaking nightmare, environmentally. The average wedding produces 400lbs of garbage. Four. Hundred. Pounds. That’s over 1 billion pounds in the U.S. every year. Horrifying.

I’m taking steps to make my business carbon-neutral, but one major way to reduce your impact is to elope! Win freaking win all around.



Want to chat about elopements? I’ll be right here xx


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