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Picnic engagement session

How have I never done a picnic engagement session before?!

It was so lovely. More please.


Leigh and Gabe wanted a relaxed session where we could all get to know each other better before the wedding–great idea–and they love picnics, so it was kind of a no-brainer.

Their picnic setup is incredible: they’ve got an adorable picnic basket with a built-in cooler, and Gabe is on top of it when it comes to charcuterie. Meats, cheeses, nuts, fruit, herbs…All arranged perfectly. Fanciest picnic I’ve ever attended, for sure. Cheese is a pretty quick way to my heart, and they brought three different kinds! None of which I’d tried before, including a “breakfast brie” (check it out), an aged Scottish cheddar, and something called “”, which Gabe described as goat cheese with a blue cheese kick.

He also set up the Sharks game in the background (and told me all about this whole tournament situation going on because my knowledge of hockey is…lacking).

We chatted about work/life balance, tried one of the wines they’re considering for the wedding, and watched the various dogs go by. Then we wandered through the park, where some over-socialized ducks came running up out of the water to see us.

It was probably the most relaxed engagement session I’ve had in a long while; thanks, you two, for such an enjoyable evening!! Can’t wait for your winery wedding this summer; it’s going to be amazing xx


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