Chimney Rock: Engagement session with Julianne and Anthony

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This was a whirlwind of a day.

In a good way. Although the word “wind” is shockingly appropriate.

The day before, I went running around Sutro Baths with Joni and Amy (you can check that out here if you missed it!), which was a blast, so I knew I was in for something good when I met up with Joni again. This time, we headed to Marin County–it was high time I made it up there, having lived in the Bay Area for most of my life…

Is anyone else like this? Do you need someone to visit from out of town to make you go and see things that are just up the road?

Just me?

We chit chatted the whole way there (and back); we have too much in common! It was a little freaky. Although, it was all fun and games until I said, “I mean, I’m almost 30 and–” and we both just kind of…stopped. Like I’d broken the universe.

Maybe I had.

After a beat, Joni said, “…what have you done.”

“I’ve never said that out loud before.”

We’re the same age. And yeah, 30 is still a wee bit off, but it’s close enough, you know? I’m kind of looking forward to it though. I think I’m going to rock the shit out of my 30’s. Just you wait.

Where was I.


We stopped off at the Cypress Tree Tunnel first, which was incredible. It reminded me of the Dark Hedges in Northern Ireland! Which was one of my favourite spots the last time I was home. (If you’re a Game of Thrones fan, the Dark Hedges is where they filmed scenes on the King’s Road.)


And then we went to Chimney Rock to meet Julianne and Anthony!

These sweet baby angels.

They got stuck in that legendary, god awful, San Francisco traffic, despite leaving early to avoid the traffic, and then I lost cell service and couldn’t give them specifics about where we were, so by the time they found us, we only had 30 minutes to shoot.

And they fucking rocked it.

Julianne and Anthony’s love story is old school! They met in a car park in Santa Cruz; Anthony saw her bumper stickers, noticed she had good taste in music… Boom, friends. “I had a girlfriend, she had a boyfriend…”

“The rest is history.”

He popped the question on 27 December, 2017. They’re getting married next June.

Despite this being the fastest session I’ve ever done, it went extremely well. If I do say so myself. Shooting with another photographer can definitely be hit or miss, especially with a time crunch. But Joni, if you ever come back this way, my camera and I are ready!!

The weather over the last few months has been beyond windy, but like so many of my couples, Julianne toughed it out and still looked amazing. I kind of love the wind-whipped hair look. And that light?! It was perfect. Glowy and golden and perfect. We danced in it.

And by we, I of course mean they. I jammed a beanie on my head because that wind was blinding me with my own hair. I like to be able to see where I am when there’s a cliff edge involved. Personal preference.

Big thank you to Joni for being the brainchild behind this outing, and a big congratulations to Julianne and Anthony!




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