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Big Sur Elopement

Plenty of people want to elope in Big Sur, but honestly, the entire central coast is incredible.

I keep going back, and I’m lucky to have connected with so many couples who love it there too! From Pismo Beach to Monterey, it’s all perfect to me. Sand dunes, forest, rocky coastline, beaches… you can’t go wrong. And most of the time, you can see a combination of all of them in one place! Throw in some Jurassic Park vibes and it’s the perfect backdrop for an elopement or…literally anything else.

All without hiking for 3 hours.

Every time I visit, I find something new. Revisiting some of my favourite spots never gets old either; they look slightly different every time, and I get to experience that “first time awe” vicariously through my couples. When Melody reached out and said she was visiting the area with her boyfriend, I leapt at the opportunity to meet up. Melody and Russ are full time RV-ers, traveling all over the place. Melody is a photographer too, so we had the coolest “double date” photo swap on the coast, complete with some incredible bouquets provided by Love in Bloom.

Guess I can cross “photograph a session while wearing my wedding dress” off of my bucket list!



Eloping seems a lot more mainstream to photographers, but I appreciate that it’s still way out of the norm for people who aren’t immersed in weddings, still a scary decision to make, still overwhelming and confusing. One of the beautiful things about elopements, though, is that you can make it anything you want it to be. The world is available to you as a “venue”! And places like this, where I brought Melody and Russ, they aren’t difficult to get to. If you want to hike somewhere or take a helicopter, you absolutely can, but if you’d rather take a 10-minute walk instead…places like this exist, and finding them is like a treasure hunt for me. If you aren’t sure where you want to elope, don’t stress. You don’t have to know. We’ll find somewhere incredible together xx

Thank you, Melody and Russ, for trusting me, and for an incredible evening!


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